How Your Story Sets You Free

A Book To Bring Out The Storyteller In All Of Us

"Human beings understand the world best through stories: not policy papers, not powerpoint, but stories. And in this book Heather and Julian are ace story-enablers, bringing out the tales that all of us have inside. A must-read!" - Bill McKibben, author Radio Free Vermont


Everyone has a story to tell.

Sharing that story can change you, your community, or even the world. But how do you start?

This inspirational guide invites you to unlock your truth and share it, whether in a TED talk, a blog post, or a conversation with their loved ones.

Storytelling coaches Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen reveal how to embrace the power of personal storytelling in a series of easy steps.

Their practical and motivating advice fills this charming ebook and serves as a powerful reminder that stories matter.


"I am a big fan of the Million Person Project. They helped me dig deep into my own background in advance of my TED talk and identify the stories that made my speech a viral success."

- Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code


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"Connecting with the Million Person Project was life changing. The work we did allowed me to create a bridge between the visual art that I have spent my life creating and the formerly silent personal history that I bring to my practice."

- Caledonia Curry, artist who is known Swoon


About The Authors

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Founders of The Million Person Project, Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen have helped over 1,500 changemakers from 67 countries tell their stories.

(That’s their kid Roman Ellis in the middle!)


"Simon Sinek talks about articulating your why -- and Heather Box helped me find mine."

- Eve Smith, Founder of Smith Co Creative

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