Inspiration. Energy. Power. That’s what you find at a Million Person Project training.

I worked with Julian Mocine-Mcqueen and the Green For All team last week, digging deep to pinpoint the WHY behind their dedication to building a green economy that fights poverty and pollution.

I was blown away. After just one day, each member of the team stood up and so powerfully shared their personal connection to the work.

Two stories:

“My Mom has severe asthma and lives right under the airport. They paid her $7,000 to endorse the project and now, decades later, she is paying a price that cannot be measured.”

“My father was a pastor who was organizing the community to run a regional free healthy school lunch program. The last conversation I had with him was when I was 14 and he was away at a conference. I asked him if I could help with the lunch program, he said no but he would be home to see me soon. He died that night and that night I picked up the torch for justice for our communities and have been carrying it ever since.”

The stories within organizations like Green For All are powerful, moving and motivating.

At The Greenlining Institute, the graduating class of fellows trained with us, learning to tell their own stories and the story of Greenlining, an advocacy group that works on health issues, economic equity, green energy and democratizing philanthropy. Million Person Project helped the fellows look at their own life history and understand why their own experiences drew them to Greenlining. By getting in touch with that deep history that motivates them, they can talk about issues that affect them and their communities powerfully.

The power of storytelling doesn’t just come from the words and the delivery. It comes from deep inside you – from the essence of who you are. Reach out to me now to learn more!