We are so excited to announce that we will be heading back out on the road to bring our storytelling workshop and one-on-one coaching to change makers across the globe.  We are leaving next Monday!

Our first stop is Fiji where we will meet with climate activists from around the Pacific Islands who call themselves the Climate Warriors. They are part of the amazing 350.org network. 

In 2013, we had the honor of attending 350.org's Global Power Shift where we met young  change makers from nearly every country on earth. We made friends for life there. The Climate Warriors were a few of those friends.

Ten Climate Warriors and activists from the Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tonga, Tokelau, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand are meeting next week in Fiji to participate in a variety of trainings. Two days will be dedicated to the Million Person Project's storytelling workshop. We will support the warriors to tell their stories, and then train them in how to conduct our storytelling workshop with others. Afterwards the warriors will return to their islands and train their partners and peers to tell their stories so that the voices of the people on the front lines of climate change are heard around the world.

Every morning Pacific Islanders wake up and the oceans creep closer and closer. Just this month, Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands were slammed by Cyclone Pam. These nations are having to rebuild huge parts of their islands from the ground up. Climate change is a harsh reality for Pacific Islanders and now, more than ever,  we need stories that help us understand their experience, acknowledge our interconnectedness, and act from a place of love and our common humanity. The Million Person Project exists to help those stories be told. 

We are excited, we are honored, and we are MOTIVATED to do our best work possible because we understand that their voices stand to inspire the whole world into action around climate change. 

Follow along!

xoxoox HBOX and Julian