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I am a big fan of Heather. She helped me dig deep into my own background in advance of my TED talk and identify the stories that made my speech a viral success.
— Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code

Heather helped me to further live my soul purpose by feeling confident sharing my story unapologetically to any audience.
— Jessica Robinson, Founder of PurePoint International
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Working with the Million Person Project has been life-changing. The process led me to a level of self honesty that I didn’t know was waiting under the surface. I have stepped closer to understanding my own version of the meaning of life, and once there, it became that much easier to share and act from that place.
— Caledonia Curry, street artist known as Swoon

Since my time with Million Person Project, I have spoken on national stages every month. Doors opened that I could not have imagined. One major win was being selected for the Nathan Cummings fellowship. It has been a beautiful ride that has helped me to see that I don’t need anything more than myself, my story, my truth, in order to be boldly great in the world.
— Jessica Norwood, Emerging Change Makers
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After undergoing this process guided by the Million Person Project, I find that I am able to better prepare myself for any speaking opportunity. I now have a base story from which I can build talks off, I know where to begin, the main points of the story and how to connect to the audience.
— Fenton Lutunatabua, Pacific Comms Director

Speaking out loud and sharing my previous silent story has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life; I couldn’t have done it without you Heather. Our work together deeply expanded my idea of what is possible when we are willing to engage our experiences, even the most painful ones, and share them for good.
— Rachel Aidan, Business coach

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