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Simon Sinek talks about articulating your why — and Heather Box helped me find mine.
— Eve Smith, founder of Smith Co Creative
Group of storytellers after at Philadelphia Mural Arts Storytelling event in October of 2015: Jane Golden, Callie Curry, Carnell Bates, Jessica Radovich, Sonia Gonzalez and Heather Box

Group of storytellers after at Philadelphia Mural Arts Storytelling event in October of 2015: Jane Golden, Callie Curry, Carnell Bates, Jessica Radovich, Sonia Gonzalez and Heather Box

The Million Person Project will take on six change makers to be a part of our 6-month one-on-one coaching program that supports leaders to explore, hone and powerfully present their personal story in a way that reaches out a grabs audiences. Are you one of them?

Is our Program right for you?:

Are you up to big things in your work and life and not sure how to communicate them? Do you have a story you know others could benefit from, but are holding back? Do you struggle to articulate your unique message? Do you wing it when you have speaking opportunities, but know you could do better?

Well, we believe that each of us is a leader with a story to tell.  And that leadership effectiveness is directly linked to how emotionally connected we are to our personal mission, and how willing we are to share our victories and vulnerabilities. Leadership is not about impressing; it’s about connecting. It isn't about performing; it’s about engaging. It isn't about being all you can be; it’s about being all of who you are. 

And we are ON FIRE training change makers across the planet. We’re hot on a mission to help a million change makers connect to their deepest truth and inspire the people that matter. We believe that when change makers share personal stories, they create real relationships with each other that make collaboration and transforming the world possible. Whether your fundraising, managing, campaigning or starting a company, your effectiveness will skyrocket when you share your personal story in a powerful, moving and connected way. 

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Doing the Million Person Project coaching was life changing. The work we did allowed me to create a bridge between the visual art that I have spent my life creating and the formerly silent personal history that I bring to my practice.
— Caledonia Curry, artist known as Swoon.

Why we offer this program:

After years of working with powerful activists, entrepreneurs, artists and social change makers, we started to see a common thread. When it came to standing boldly in their message and being able to deliver it with power and grace, we saw many incredible people falling flat on stage, delivering presentations filled with research, short anecdotes of other people's stories, and insistent asks, verging on pleas. We sat in the audience saying to ourselves, "We know this person. We know what a capable, powerful agent of change they are. Why doesn't that come across when they speak? Why aren't they telling the audience who they are and the journey that brought them to this stage?"

It is out of this question that the Million Person Project was born. We were our first guinea pigs and we dove in deep with our own stories, and started sharing them with the world. We saw this: when we shared our stories of what makes us who we are - the good, the bad and the unthinkable - we built trust with our audiences and created a strong point of connection with them. It's is about being able to cultivate a connection that makes one a more effective leader. Learning to authentically enroll your audience is a key component to your success.  

So we decided to start offering a robust storytelling curriculum to change makers around the world and it caught on like wildfire. In just four years, we've worked with 1500 people from 67 countries and we have seen time and time again: your truth has immense power to move, transform and heal.

I have done many trainings in the past and I walked into this very skeptical of the outcome. I decided, however, to let go and give it a go. This has been life-changing for me in that I have found a voice inside of me and a way to express that. I am looking forward to the world hearing my story and am forever grateful for the lessons I have learned from MPP!
— Zane Sikulu, Australia.

The process, logistics + Price:

The private coaching program is six months long and customized to the needs of the client.

  • 6 months of story coaching
  • Initial 3 hour session
  • Meeting every three weeks (7 sessions)
  • Regular homework that requires 1 to 4 hours of work per week.
  • Detailed online feedback on your story.
  • Email/phone/text support from Heather throughout the three months.
  • Monthly 20 minute power sessions to keep on track.                

The coaching is being offered in-person in the Bay Area and virtually and cost $6,500. You can pay monthly or you can pay in full for $6,000.

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Heather is literally my story midwife as I work through one of my hardest, most personal projects yet.
— Anonymous client who is currently in the program
I learned how to effectively tell my story and now I feel much more confidence sharing my story in front of large audiences.
— Kyle Parsons, Founder of Indosole

The results:

The results of this work never cease to amaze us. Something truly powerful is released when we share our stories.

  • Two of our clients, Anurag Gupta and Jessica Norwood, powerfully told their stories in front of a panel of judges and were each awarded the prestigious Nathan Cummings $100,000 fellowship.
  • Reshma Saujani's TED talk where she shared her story and her powerful message went viral over night.
  • After Callie Curry powerfully shared her story at Feast For Good, she was immediately invited to write an op-ed for CNN and her story on CNN has gone viral.
  • Kaganga John, who had never raised money online, used his story to raise $5,000 in one month for an Internet Center in rural Uganda where he lives.
  • The list goes on and on.
As a organizer I didn’t used to value telling stories about myself.
Heather and the Million Person Project helped me to recognize that
the power of story is not to compel and inspire people by sharing
something exciting, but instead by sharing your core truth.
— - Joshua Kahn Russell, Trainer for


If you would like a 30-minute consult to get more information on the program, please email: or fill out the form below and Heather will be in touch.