Your story has power. Now is the time to harness it.

You hold a story that can shift our culture but you might not know how to start sharing it. That’s where we come in.

Storytelling is the world’s oldest (and studies show, most effective) form of communication and is a critical leadership tool to understand and master.

We can help you and your team do just that.

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what is story academy?

The Story Academy is a 6-month intensive program that will help you explore, hone and craft your narrative and get it out to the world. People find and join the Academy for different reasons, but all center around embodying their own truth, whether in their work, their families, on the page, or on a stage.  

This is our most affordable offering for people looking to dive deep into their story, this happens in a group-coaching format with individual coaching and support from multiple coaches and trainers throughout.

Story Academy includes:

-       Hands on support from our expert coaches

-       Self-paced programming with videos and homework for deep self-study

-       Live Group Coaching Calls every 2 weeks

-       Individual Commitment Calls with Narrative Specialist monthly throughout the program

-       Personalized support from multiple coaches to craft one strong narrative

-       Access to highly engaged private FB group and exclusive materials and content

Note: This course is a hybrid blend of live teaching and coaching, and deep self-reflection and self-paced study. It is a course meant to move through at your own pace, with benchmarks set by coaches and accountability check-ins.

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This is a course for anybody who is READY to dive into their own story and claim the power that’s there, this is for people who FEEL the story in them and are ready to get it out into the world. Our Story Academy is not for everyone, it requires a commitment to truly showing up for yourself. If you feel like this might be you, you think you have a powerful story but you’re not sure how to share it or why you want to share it at all – we’ve got you. Let us help you find it. The story lives in you. 

YOU have a story to tell:

  • Are you an entrepreneur working to get your message out to thousands?

  • Are you a non-profit leader working to inspire and engage your audience?

  • Are you a team leader working to create a stronger team operating with more trust?

  • Are you an artist who wants your artist talks to be connected to a bigger message?

Is your reaction to telling your story: "I don't have a story"  or "My story is too painful to tell." These are the two most common responses we get when we suggest everyone's story has power. The truth is, everyone's story has the power to influence, be it your team, a family, a friend, a community or the world.






  • Content lives on a user-friendly platform called Teachable

  •     Group coaching calls happen bi-monthly via Group ZOOM Calls

  •     We cultivate authentic connection through our private Facebook Group

  •     We have individual coaching Phone Calls monthly with our Narrative Specialist

  •     All coaches are available via Email, throughout Academy to support



Our world has never needed true human stories more than we do now. Sharing our truest most personal story is the way we expand our hearts, and begin to build a world with each other that is reflective of our true human nature: love. You are you, and we believe that means something. Your story is waiting for you, and the world is waiting too.

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The Million Person Project Story Academy came to me at a point in my journey that I wasn’t sure my voice mattered. Now, I know that not only does my story matter, but there are others waiting to connect with my unique experiences. I’d suggest the Story Academy to anyone who has a story inside them waiting to grow and live fully and authentically in the world. Our stories as a response to what is happening in the world is our ammunition in the fight to create environments we can all thrive in.
— Victor Billion Fre
At the end of Story Academy I feel like I KNOW how to tell my story. This has helped me to shed so much fear and step more deeply into who I am.
— Andrea Atkinson
Story Academy didn’t just provide training for how to present my story, it opened a door for me that is leading to the next level of my career and helping me meet goals I’ve had for years that I had felt abandoned and stuck. I highly recommend Story Academy if you are serious about sharing your story widely and for maximum impact.
— KC Compton