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The Million Person Project (MPP) is a global initiative, rooted in love, that runs storytelling workshops, provides one-on-one leadership support, and facilitates global relationships to help advance the work of leaders and change makers around the world. 


Street Artist Swoon Brings Down The House With Her Story

Street artist Caledonia Curry, aka Swoon, shared her moving personal story for the first time last Fall after completing a MPP one-on-one story coaching package. She shared her story of growing up in a heroin addicted household and her journey to forgiveness. She asked the audience to join her is changing the prevailing attitude towards addicts by asking why the pain instead of why the drugs or despicable behavior? She finished her speech to a standing ovation and was immediately approached by a CNN reporter who invited her to write an op-ed piece about how we treat one another in society. 

Check out the CNN oped here:

And watch the video of her talk here: 

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We Will Support You In Telling Your Authentic Story

The Million Person Project will support you in telling your personal story as it relates to the work you are doing in the world. We guarantee that after working with us you will be able to powerfully present your personal story in a way that helps you to more authentically connect to your audiences, stakeholders and community members. We also guarantee that after doing this work you will feel more embodied and confident as a leader. We offer one-on-one story coaching and storytelling workshops to support you in that.

Telling your truth and allowing yourself to be known is a critical piece of being a empowering leader, email Heather for your free 45 minute consult: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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