People are sending our book, How Your Story Sets You Free, ALL over the world to encourage people to share their stories and to build a connected, loving, just, honest world. Join in!

Here is how it works - buy the book for a group of people (10+ people) whose story you want to support being out into the word. Send an email to and let her know who you sent it to and she will add it to the list below and have someone from our team contact that group and give them a coaching session to support them in using the book. If you want to support this movement but do not have a specific group in mind, send an email to heather@millionpersonproject with “I want a global penpal” in the subject and she will give you some options for who you can send the book to. Stories of resilience, love, power and CHANGE are needed now more than ever - help be a part of the culture shift!

Buy the book here: