A year later, people are still coming up to me to talk to me about how the Five Stories event completely changed the way they thought about the criminal justice system.
— Jane Golden, Founder and Director of Philly Mural Arts

Swoon, who is a world renowned street artist, shares her story of growing up in a heroin addicted family.

Tom is serving a life sentence for a second degree murder. This is his message for the world. 

Sonya, who is a member of interim house and a women in recent recovering from a nearly life long addiction, shares her story and her message. 

Jess Radovich, who is a licensed therapist and spiritual guide shares her story about quiet pain. 

This is a conversation between Carnell Bates, who is a young man in the Guild Program at the Philly Mural Arts Program, and Heather Box, who is the co-founder of the Million Person Project. Heather was the story coach for all speakers at this event. 

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